1997 we created a kit  which became the most versatile Speedholster ever known  - the magnetic Powerspeed Holster.
Not only was it used by top marksmen all over the world, but even more by security officers because it allows a quick draw even when sitting in a car and was very often mounted in addition under the dashboard.

The concept of this holster set standards in those days so that our competitors called it the “Lego-Holster” - what more can one ask for.

Its not creative until it sells - the kit-days are history but this holster is still rock´n rolling after al this years!

Several patents all over the world where the logical result of our Speedholster and the vital demand in the field of security and law enforcement for automatic retention holsters asked for new ideas.

The platform and the modular design of our Speedholster made it relatively simple to create a safe and secure holster for heavy duty.

Featuring all means of a level-3+ holster the Powerspeed-Smartcop holster prohibits access by an enemy but guarantees easy and natural handling by the officer even in a “fear of death” situation.

Therefore our patented mechanism is now widely used by leading members of the duty gear industry.


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